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Senior Care for Veterans' mission is to educate veterans and their families about Aid & Attendance pension criteria. Utilizing our state-of-the-art system, families are provided with a sense of confidence that the claimant’s eligibility for pension remains intact.  Clients have unique user IDs and passwords that enable them to pause and save the consultative process at any time.  They may then resume at their own pace.  Our process assists with collecting and verifying the necessary information utilizing our website’s easy, conversational interface.  Detailed information concerning supporting documentation and what to expect after submission are also provided as part of our service.  Live assistance is only a phone call away!  

After utilizing our system, claimants can confidently submit their application to the VA for review.  For many, the VA adjudication period can be more trying than the initial claims process.  With a combined 25+ years of experience and over 15,000 successful consultations, our professional staff can provide the insight claimants need to successfully navigate the challenging VA process.  Senior Care for Veterans provides our clients with responses to some of the most frequently encountered VA issues arising during, and after, the adjudication process.  Our consultation fee of $450 is negligible when compared to the thousands of dollars made available for care once the award is finalized. 

Senior Care for Veterans provides assurance that the claimant is not lost during the complex claims processing period.   Assistance is only a quick email away and even after a successful award, we will be available should you have additional needs not covered by the initial consultation. Clients can expect a thorough online assessment covering critical requirements for pension awards. Claimants will be required to provide credit card information to enter our state-of-the-art consultation system. After completion of the assessment, clients can take full advantage of our FREE software that will transfer the information provided to a viable application.

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