What Is Aid & Attendance?

Aid & Attendance is a non-service connected disability pension, meaning the applicant has become disabled due to chronic illness or physical limitations independent of active duty injuries, and as a result, is unemployable.  The pension serves as a reimbursement for otherwise un-reimbursed, out-of-pocket monthly medical expenses (meaning the expenses cannot be reimbursed by other state/federal programs).  

There is an annual maximum award amount established for each of the major applicant profiles.  In 2008 these amounts were as follows:

Claimant Type Monthly Award Yearly Award  
Veteran with a Dependant Spouse $1,948 $23,376  
Veteran without a Spouse $1,644 $19,728  
Surviving Spouse of a Veteran $1,055 $12,660  


 Aid & Attendance special pension aid and attendance special pension benefit

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